Fingers Crossed: Stories of superstition, mischief, and hoping for the best

This month Arctic Entries brings you: Fingers Crossed: Stories of Superstition, Mischief, and Hoping for the Best. In the spirit of This American Life, The Moth, and other storytelling events, Arctic Entries brings Alaskans to the stage to share their personal stories: funny, sad and sweet. At every performance, people tell a seven-minute long true story about themselves relating to the show’s theme. Local musicians perform a few songs as well. Proceeds made from Arctic Entries’s ticket sales go to a non-profit partner selected at the beginning of each season.

  • Gretchen Day – Tame
  • Rebekah Arnold – Finding Myself
  • Jeff Campbell – Oklahoma City Bombing
  • Nicole Stellon O’Donnell – Being a Cancer Parent
  • Gregory Nothstine – Together We Can Reach New Heights
  • Bill Bittner – Teenage Earthquake Angst
HOSTS: Jason Brandeis and Rosey Robards

BROADCAST: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. (Alaska time)

RECORDED: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at the Alaska Center for the Performing Arts